Check the weather before you Travel

Check the weather before you Travel

Check the weather before you Travel no matter where you are going. Even if you are only going for a day or two I would advise you to just take a quick peek at the weather where you are headed. This way you can make sure you have the appropriate clothing. I know for me there have been too many times I got caught in a bit colder weather than I expected and was sorry I didn’t bring some warmer clothing with me. Just excessive wind can be a bummer if you were not expecting it. Also heavy rain if you get caught out in it for more than a minute we all know isn’t fun. Even if you have an umbrella you can get far more soaked that is comfortable.

Check the weather before you Travel by just tuning in to the weather channel. I like to use the underground weather app on my phone. I really like that one. It gives a 10 day forecast and has all around the world weather. It has been very accurate every time I use it. I went from New Jersey to Las Vegas. I thought it would be warm there in October. But I was surprised to get there and it was a little chilly. I should have checked the weather before I went.

You might be a weather person that thinks of these things. I used to forget sometimes and I have learned to always check it because you just never know now a days. I want to mention our Limo Company, Call Newark Limo. We always check the weather for you so you are aware of what the current conditions are before we pick you up and drop you off. If you are traveling and need a car service we would be happy to accommodate your needs. Just give us a call.

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